Black Entrepreneur Investing in Programs That Generate Revenue For Black Communities

Shaun Randolph started out as a grant writer working with nonprofits to raise money for black and under served communities. Wanting to do more, he used his grant writing and investment banking skills to raise $100 million for investments in communities of color. Success does not happen overnight Shaun is the first to admit that being an "overnight success" does not happen overnight. Born in the UK and raised in a town near Newark, New Jersey, Shaun says he was fortunate to have two parents providing good examples for him. His father was an Air Force man and his mother was an optician. He received a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with focuses on Business, Sociology and Criminal Justice from Liberty University. At the time, owning his own business wasn't something he even thought about doing with his career. Wanting to help Black communities But what was always on his mind was helping Black communities. He moved to Los Angeles and joined AmeriCorp as a grant writer, working with nonprofits to help them with fundraising to do projects that would help change under served communities. However, he realized that the "one size fits all" approach would not work for black communities. For the next four years, he started businesses with the goal to help fund development in Black communities. With 10 years of experience under his belt, Shaun became a specialist in connecting startups to alternative financing opportunities. His new company, George Swain Investments, invests in non-profit programs that generate revenue in Black communities.

Source: BlackBusiness.Org

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