Kaepernick Fires Back At Roger Goodell Without Opening His Mouth

Colin Kaepernick
Colin Kaepernick hasn’t said much publicly since he stopped being employed as an NFL quarterback. The last tweet he wrote was on Oct. 10, and it was a shout-out to Eminem for name-dropping him in a long freestyle rap that was extremely critical of President Trump. He has remained active on Twitter though, specifically by re-tweeting several posts per day. Many of the posts he shared on Wednesday were aimed at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who addressed the media at the league’s owners meetings in New York. Goodell spoke at length about the national anthem protests, a movement that Kaepernick started last season as a member of the 49ers, saying he wants — but is not mandating — all players to stand for the song, saying he aims to put the number of protesters “at zero.” “Goodell and his avoidance of police killing unarmed black and brown people is an extension of the coopting/erasure of Kaepernick’s cause,” came a tweet from @LeftSentThis, endorsed by Kaepernick. “White supremacy is thinking that ending black protest is a better goal than ending the murder of black lives,” wrote @samswey, in reply to Goodell’s goal of reducing the number of protesters, which Kaepernick also retweeted. Kaepernick has spent much of his time out of the public eye since the end of last season, but he has donated nearly $1 million and some of his time to help charities like Mothers Against Police Brutality in Dallas, DREAM (formerly RBI Harlem) and the Coalition for the Homeless here in New York. Wednesday’s meeting between players, owners and members of the NFL office discussed the issues the players are protesting, namely racial inequality and police brutality against minorities. Kaepernick said he was not invited, but several reports suggested he would be included the next time such a meeting occurs. A former 49ers teammate, Eric Reid, told the San Francisco Chronicle that several ideas Kaepernick talked about last season were presented during the meeting. Source: New York Post

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