The Great Adventure Of A Greedy Gremlin: Joel Osteen’s Church

The Great Adventure Of A Greedy Gremlin: Joel Osteen’s Church Passed Collection Plates To Hurricane Victims

Joel Osteen Under Fire Once Again For Being Greedy

Everybody is on Joel Osteen’s head for his most recent adventure through greedy gremlinville. A video of the service held at his megachurch on Wednesday clearly shows collection plates being passed around the congregation. A pretty regular occurance for most churches, but this crowd included a majority of victims and evacuees of Hurricane Harvey. Of course, this comes after the pastor was basically forced to let the evacuees into his church in the first place.

It’s already known that Osteen charges for admission into his church, so passing around a collection plate is already extra. But in the beginning of the service, it acknowledged that “several hundred” evacuees were in the audience by Lisa Osteen, Joel’s sister and an associate pastor at the church. She also pointed out that the victims have “financial needs” and that everyone should pray for them. Not even an hour later, the collection plate was passed around in an audience that was just described to have “financial needs.”

Source: Bossip

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