Meet The Staff

Dr. Joyce Dent-McNair

Dr. Joyce Dent-McNair is the Chief Executive Officer of The MASS Group, LLC which serves as the parent company to the following:
Black Cotton News© Black Life 360°™,
MASS Inc. (Minority HIV/AIDS Social Services, Inc) 501c3 agency,
Doc U Prep/DBA, T.E.A.R.S, LLC and Black Cotton Media Group, LLC and is the Owner/ Editor and Chief of Black Life 360°™. Dr. Dent- McNair is a dedicated entrepreneur, Pro Black Activist and a Community Philanthropists. She is a proud member of the Innocent Project, Toastmasters and continues to hold a seat on the board with various charities. Dr. Dent-McNair has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology where she has served in establishing a support group in Southwest Florida for Black Women/ Men to help combat the stigma of Mental Health in the Black community and has built a therapeutic agency (T. E. A. R. S., LLC) for access to affordable license therapy for the indigent and uninsured.

Dr. Toni Dent-McNair

Dr. Toni Dent-McNair, founder of Forward Progression Life Coaching Studios, LLC is a certified life coach, metaphysicist, author, and public speaker. her book, Chronicles to Enlightenment, transcribes Dr. Toni’s own journey upwards in consciousnesses, aka personal growth, and walks the with reader while traversing their own personal journeys.

Having revolutionary developments in human consciousness elevation, Dr. Toni has combined her Theory of Mind Alignment as a tool for soul growth, along with her private and online coaching programs to create her newest teaching program, Reclaiming You! Finding the Strength to Be Powerful.

Dr. Queietasha Younger

Queietasha Younger has been in the field of education for 20 years which includes 16 years as a classroom teacher teaching grades pre-kindergarten through second grade and four years being an interventionist for the last two years.

Currently, Dr. Younger serves as an interventionist as well as a school level MTSS (Multi-tiered Systems of Support) Coordinator. Her professional memberships include: Vicksburg Association for Women, the Mississippi Association for Educators The National Society of Leadership and Success and the National Educator’s Association.

Dr. Younger is a graduate of Alcorn State University where she received a B. A. in English Literature and M. Ed. degrees in English Education and Elementary Education. She is also a graduate of Walden University where she received an Ed. S. and Ed. D. in Teacher Leadership.

Alisha Carter

Alisha Carter is a licensed Full Specialist; meaning she enjoys dealing with skin and nails, specializing in pedicures. She went to school because she was more interested in nails from past experiences in nail salons, thinking “There has to be a better way to treat people”.

She got talked into skin (but not makeup) by one of her closest friends and is glad she made that decision. She is originally from Georgia and moved to Florida with my family when she was younger. She went on to attend Bethune-Cookman (College) University where she earned my Bachelor of Science in Biology.

She has been licensed for 5 years and works alongside her full time job at spas and doing mobile appointments.

Princess Fejiro

Princess Fejiro is from Nigeria, Delta State.She is 18years old, and is currently a student at Usman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto State. She enjoys telling the stories of her heritage from beautiful Africa.

Giving the world a view of the truths and values of Nigeria and surrounding cities brings a gladness to all Africans.

Jacquelyn Randle

Jacquelyn Randle is a twice-published author born and raised in the St. Louis area. With an extensive background in education and community outreach, she provides viewers with a refreshing take on today’s world and events. Not only does she give audiences a new voice to listen to but provides a level of transparency that hasn’t been seen in years. “If my story and work can inspire just one person to reflect and to grow in their own life, then I can change the world.” Wearing many hats she is also the lead editor and consultant at C & E Reflections Inc and helps other aspiring authors get their narratives on the page and published.

Kellie Dent

Born in Vicksburg, Mississippi, now living in Bradenton, Florida, Kellie Dent has worked as a Phlebotomist since 2014.

Kellie is a devoted Mother first and then a certified Phlebotomist Technician who has over 6 years experience in adult and adololescent, venipuncture procedures.

She prides herself in helping her patients with getting the help they need for the best care they need to maintain proper healthcare.

Ahmad Muhammad

Ahmad Muhammad is a respectful muslim and student of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, under the guidance of the Honorable Min. Louis Farrakhan. He is an educator and youth counselor, who grew up in the public school system. He attended both Hinds Community College and Jackson State University in Mississippi.

He is a former restaurant business owner, who loves to cook and create menus. He has always been a fierce advocate for youth, in particularly black youth.

We live in an age of extreme wealth of information, yet mental
slavery seems to prevail and restricts us physically from achieving true freedom. Harriet Tubman’s echoing words replay in his soul:

“I freed a thousand slaves, I could have freed a thousand more, if only they knew they were slaves.”

He will take a stand and free the black family’s mind from being white out by society that speaks to white privilege and the promotion of black inferiority!

Shandria Woodall

Shandria is a licensed mental health counselor located in Bradenton, Florida. She has been in the counseling field a little over 4 years and has taught elementary education for over 7 years. Ms. Woodall has over 11 years of experience working with at risk children, ages 4-18. Working with at risk children in her community has been a passion for her and fuels her desire to improve her community and bring awareness to mental health wellness.

Ms. Woodall received her B.S. degree in Elementary Education (K-6) in 2008 and worked in Title I schools in the Manatee County School District.  During her time as an educator, Ms. Woodall was introduced to the concept of teaching the whole child. She understood that teaching the “whole child” not only included equal access to education and providing a safe learning environment. Ms. Woodall graduated with her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2016. Since graduating, Ms. Woodall has been an active part of providing mental health to reach at risk children and their families.

Shandria’s started her own non-profit organization to provide wrap around services to children, adults and families in her community. Wester WellCare, Inc. provides individual, family, couples and group counseling in the Sarasota/Manatee area. Counseling services are offered both in-person and via telehealth. Ms. Woodall can be reached at:


At a time when the market place is flooded with carbon copy rappers rhyming over monotonous beats, and thousands of podcasts speaking on the same ole stuff, a new brand of talent is on the cusp of global recognition.  Not since Oprah Winfrey has the world witnessed a television personality whose high energy, compassion, and artistic ability, epitomize the potential to leave a significant mark on popular culture. AliKat, Hip Hop Oprah is that television personality and entrepreneur who has emerged with unique flair, coupled with the discipline and tenacity that breed rate topping success. 

Her unparalleled style stems from her long relationship with Hip Hop.  The fact that AliKat is a mother of 5 also adds a refreshing and positive look. These attributes gives AliKat a variety of subject matter to convey through visual and music content. She knows building a positive media platform offers boundless opportunities for future generations and gives her  power to control our own narrative.

AliKat has been professionally in the music business the since 1999. She was a solo artist affiliated with a rap crew called The Roudy Bunch.  That year the she decided to take her musical career into her own hands and founded  company, Undapavement Productions, currently name AliKat Productions, LLC.  AliKat, along with then husband and father of her children, Krook, wrote, produced, financed, and engineered their first LP, Life Sh*t!!!.  This album not only contains Hip Hop at its purest form, with rhymes that are thoughtful and beats that are “undeniable”, but an album that a person of any race, age, or gender can relate.

Sabrina Finucane

Sabrina Finucane is a certified Aerobics and Zumba instructor with her Bachelors degree in Marketing. A native Floridian, she has been a lover of all things natural her entire life. She loves helping others understand that being healthy is easier than it seems, and exercising doesn’t have to be such a daunting task. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge and helping you on your healthy lifestyle journey. 

The medical field is interested in treating disease. I’m interested in building health.

Dr. Forrest Shaklee

James Kpou

James Kpou is a restaurant owner, minister, linguist and proud husband and family man. He is also the author of the book “Lost at Home”, a book that tells of his journey towards knowledge and deep longing to become whole again in Liberia. James’ studies takes him to America and back to ancient Africa.

His readers will experience Liberian history as it is happening now,  but more importantly… He will reunite his readers with the language of Kemet. Kemet is the original language of all civilizations and is uniquely the original tongue of the original man… African

Your culture does not begin only with your skin, it becomes with our language and serves as the frequency in which we communicate as a being

Here is your true introduction to Africa…